1995 MLB Playoff Highlights October 4

1995 MLB Playoff Highlights October 4 yep right down the valdes looking good throughout the evening facing Reggie Sanders and Reggie is a statuary six strikeouts for Valdez but he would run into trouble in the, fourth inning two outs Ron Gant is up ground ball to short you know the Dodgers sometimes have trouble the.

Field throws it away Gant goes to second on the error that’s costly because the next man here it comes there it goes Reggie Sanders jumps all over it and that. Ball is got two run shot Red’s take. A 2-1 lead and fonville upset that his error cost the club take that bottom of the inning leading off. It’s Eric Karros facing John smiley that ball has gone solo Scott and we are tied at two bottom of the seventh, bases-loaded for LA Tim Wallick chopper Jeff Branson goes home with it Benito Santiago, holds on for the force that the Dodgers failed to score top of the eighth Mariano Duncan on its second Barry Larkin that’s a base hit the single to right Duncan scores Red’s up 3-2, would, add a couple more to make it 5-2 bottom 9 Chad fonville is aboard Derek Karros they can’t stop him taking Jeff Brantley downtown his second homer of the game LA down by just the one in. Five four but the Dodgers rally could they do it no Delino. DeShields the can of corn it’s gone this ball game is over Reds hold on to win at 5-4 they take a 200 lead he had the scooter. Phil Rizzuto the first pitch anything Emilie’s but on the fourth and he venice’s inside pitch to Deon James Karly strike beyond three. James upset so is Buck Showalter, he’d stay in the game top of the sixth 1-1 game Edgar Martinez on third one out Mike flowers hits it up the middle Tony Fernandez stops and flips to Velarde gets him at, first but Hina’s holds at third two out for, Tino Martinez Singles to left off Andy Pettitte Edgar Martinez scores 2 to 1 and Ruben Sierra leads off the sixth with a. Bang second of the series and we’re tied at two the next, batter is well Donny baseball Donald Tanner’s back-to-back homers Yanks lead 3-2 and the Yankee fans are, excited they start to throw things onto the field sweet Lou pulls his team off the field for a few minutes when they, came back Bill Risley against Jim Leyritz the bad blood continues Hank’s up 3-2 in the seventh Vinny Coleman Brow’s the third look at, palsy the diving staff when Coleman is called safe Steinbrenner press box news. Conference Mattingly and Buck are upset bottom of the seventh Paul O’Neill against norm Charlton first base last night – one nice compound sentence, we’re tied at 4 Griffey we go Extra Innings top of the 12th refugee series against wetland deep to right field tour that’s outta here v 4m bottom of the.

12 runners on first and second two out and it’s Ruben Sierra against Tim Belcher it’s it has a, chance off the wall one run end Alex Diaz, hits the cutoff man Luis Soho the winning run is Bernie Williams out at home and we’re tied at five which a green way to the 15th managed with two on two out Tino Martinez, swings at a prio Pidgey bloops and flies out to Center Bernie Williams into the bottom of the, 15th Jim later get out of here that’s all not in the Yankees win it, in dramatic fashion Tim Belcher upset six five Yanks the final is 75 merit Mariano Rivera three innings pitched to hits five K’s Lance painter is your, pitcher, first pitch to Marquis Grissom good wood solid spanked second homer in two nights one nothing Braves with the lead toppers third to nothing Braves.

Runners on first and third painter facing Ryan Klesko hardest thing to do hit a baseball top of the fourth painter makes another mistake again against Marquis, Grissom goodbye baseball okay three nothing Braves second of the, game for Marquis and then it’s Larry Walker off Tommy Glavine three-run shot and we’re tied at three the top of the seventh still tied at three bases juiced. First roughed them facing Javier Lopez he struck him out bottom of the eighth tied at three Avery facing Dante’s Inferno lines to left devrel glove exciting a.

Note but he hits the ground drops the, ball the shed end is at second with a double two batters later pain you face saying the big can watch Dave Justice this plays it dante’s scores.

For three rocks top of the ninth for three rocks Moneo is facing Fred McGriff bloops a double to left.

Chipper Jones scores and we’re tied at 4 same inning, good job pinch-hitter Mike Mordecai singles to Center McGriff coming home beats king orry’s throw and the Braves of. The 5-4 lead Don Baylor watching his bullpen collapsed for a second straight night same inning Darren, Holmes facing Rafael Belliard grounds the second Erik Jones throw was wild Devereaux Mordecai score the Braves win the ballgame rookie Mike Mordecai had only 75 at-bats this season he knocks in the go-ahead, run Bobby Cox said bat no Cork somebody check Albert, Bell’s blob first batter of the game and whoops he drops it Dwayne Hosie jack it is the various makes it a two base error sliding in safely at. Second can Orel Hershiser get out of the jam swing it on this Indians get. Out of the first Red Sox load the bases in the second two down first shizer gets Hosey on.

A ground ball to second base to end that threat to the third oral. Jose Canseco who was still hitless in the series but Eric Hanson was just as tough for Boston bottom of the first runners on at second and third gets Eddie Murray on the change-up but add. It gets even in, the fourth shot to Center hosing back to the wall it caroms off the wall and Eddie Murray despite the years can still run makes the turn and, jogs into third with a triple with one out Hansen strikes out Jim Thome scoreless after four Al nipper, says in my book here I know I have a favorable matchup where is it in the.

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