2020 MLB Playoffs EXPLAINED! Winners and Losers!

2020 MLB Playoffs EXPLAINED! Winners and Losers! what's up everyone and welcome to baseball at the battery in today's special episode we'll be talking about the major league baseball's new play-off, format hopefully by now you've enjoyed some of baseball's opening weekend including walk-off grand slams robbed home runs and a lot lots of cardboard cutouts. Speaking of cardboard cutouts did someone see chipper jones in the front row at the mets. Stadium like who bought that wait a minute now hours before first pitch on thursday the mlb and the, mob pa agreed to a new playoff format just for this year of 2020 and this new format brings, a lot good and bad i'm gonna walk you through everything you need to know about the new change the winners and the losers so without. Further ado let's jump right into it let's first take a look at how the playoffs have been structured since 2012 the beginning of, the wild card era we'll go ahead and plug in last year's teams and just explain it. That way so five total teams in each league make the playoffs three division winners and two wild card teams number one seed goes to. The division winner with the best record the number two seed goes to the division winner. With the second best record and number three seed goes to the last division winner with the third best record the number four seed goes. To the best wild card team and the number five seed goes to the second best wild card team the two next best records in, the league that didn't win their division the first round consisted, of a single win or go home game against the two wild, card teams hosted by the team with the better record the second round the division series consisted of. Two best of five series one between the number two and number three seeds and the other between the number one seed and the winner of. The wild card game from here it's pretty self-explanatory the winner of each series will face off in a best of seven championship. Series and the winner of that series will then play the winner of the american league in. The world series pretty simple right get ready for your mind to be blown the 2020 expanded playoff format works as follows instead of five seats per league the field is now expanded. To eight seeds consisting of three division winners three second place division. Winners and two wild card teams just like before these are the two next best records in the league beyond first and second place finishers now let's.


Over the seating for this new format the number one seed will be the division winner with the best record the number two seed the division winner with the second best record and the number three, seat the division winner with the third.

Best record the fourth seed will go to the division's second place winner with the best record, the fifth seed will go to the division second place winner with the second best record and the division six seed will go to the division second place winner with the, third best record and the number seven and number eight seeds will go to those two wild card teams with the seven scene going to the better record.

The first round consists of four best, of three series where the one seed plays the eight seed the two seed plays the seventh seed and so on with the higher seed. Hosting every game of the series there is no travel involved in the first round from here the second round consists of two best-of-five. Series where the four winners of the previous round will. Square off the highest remaining seed will play the lowest remaining seed and the two. Middle seeds will play each other as well and then it's identical to the old format from here the winners of the best, of five series in the division series will go on to play a best of seven games in the league, championship series the winner of the best of seven will go on to play the winner of the american league, in the world series and there you go a 16 team playoff format for your 2020 mlb season now let's go over the winners and losers of this new format the obvious first winner, here are the teams of course six more teams now have the opportunity to make the playoffs, in a shortened season and if you did the math correctly the nlds this year may not have any division, winners the division series not having any division winners now what specific teams does this specifically benefit i would give the benefit to the, fringe teams the teams that maybe are up and rising and this was, supposed to be maybe a breakout year or the year before their. Breakout year so i would give that title to possibly the white sox the cincinnati reds the oakland athletics who have, battled and battled in that wild card game and seemed to can't get past it and possibly even the diamondbacks now i think a really interesting team that this new playoff format.

Benefits is the tampa bay rays the tampa, bay rays are a consensus top five team in the league however one of those other top five teams are the new york yankees and they are easily by far the favorite to win the division, and even the world series now my first reaction with our first loser here is probably the, mlb trade deadline now that, over half the league is going to make the playoffs and combining that with the shortened season already this is only, going to increase his team's unwillingness to trade.

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