Chris “MAD DOG” Russo: NEW POSTSEASON MLB PLAYOFF FORMAT good afternoon everybody and what's my a Tuesday the 11th day of February 2020 it's nice that with it so talking about what's going on with lots of going on in baseball we on it all for the. Next 60 minutes good admits cleaning, the house closes of course to blue shiny and momentarily you and I now as you talk about what's happening. I good job by Joel Sherman here join us today he got the story first so he gets to credit New York Post exclusive and about. The playoff format and you know let's say something right, out of the getting will do this for 10 minutes so listen up let's say something out of the gate I am normally a purist you know that you know I like the idea that baseball going into this, if they do this change in a couple years only has 33% of their team's make the postseason which. Is better than football far better than the NBA, in the NHL so I am one of those guys who wants to good teams to have to be in the playoffs and only, the good teams I don't want 82 and 80 teams, in the postseason let's also established at that out of the gate sometimes you know less is a lot more and you know I like that theoretically I usually like, less teams but in this particular situation I don't have a major problem with the idea here. With baseball as far as adding two playoff teams per league beginning in 2022 putting more cities in, the mix I don't have any problem whatsoever putting a little NC double-a selection feel to it which is what they want to do here and, of course you know mr. patina who got a lot to do with this probably you know he'd comes from. CBS with the inside of will a the mentality and I have no problem with that whatsoever. With this selection idea of format well is it that big, a deal that you don't like it because it's gimmicky are nonsense it's good TV bottom line is good TV you get eyeballs watching the sets that's what the Earth's the whole thing is. Eyeballs to sets that's all that comes out that's, that's why I thought that makes the world go around and if in fact it makes it for good TV, that the Saturday or Sunday at noon times at the end of the regular season we all watch like the inside of a football does and we pick where everybody's gonna play in every.

Team the top seeds who get to. Buy the two and the three can trick their opponent nothing wrong with that put that for, a half hour it's a good idea I would end it sees the Saturday and have the selection process Sunday at noon before the NFL that's the way, I would do it and I would stay away from the NFL so I would played my Lance game on, Saturday and then I would play the selection thing at 12. O'clock on Sunday in the NFL football forget about it now see you Monday as far as the postseason is concerned I have no problem whatsoever with the best of three in a wild-card situation nope, not at all no problem with and I have no. Problem with the idea that tiebreakers now will be based on head-to-head records I have no plan without these playing games do not generate as much juice. As you think they might generate so I have no plan, with that once and I have no problem either with an 80 to 80 team having a chance to win a World Championship because if you have an 82 in any, team and they're good enough to win two road games in a first round series then good enough to.

Turn around and beat the one seed in a second series and then good enough to turn around and win the ALCS and then in, a best-of-seven and then good enough to turn around and win a World Series best of seven that's four eight eleven, that is thirteen games they have to win many of which are on a road, if they can pull that off they deserve a championship. Simple as that nobody had a problem when the Football Giants in 2008 when 9 and 7 allowed very. Average in a regular season 9 and 7 went to Tampa went to Dallas went to Green Bay and then beat the Patriots nobody had a problem in Tennessee 9 and 7. When it's in New England went into Baltimore and, then play for the AFC Championship again Kansas City nobody had a problem with that the idea that this is heresy that our team that's 83 and 79 makes the postseason that is.

A bunch of nonsense then next one year with the 8 seed under 500 that's. The NBA final plenty of NFL teams the 79 Rams were 9 and 7 got to it's Super Bowl so this idea this holier-than-thou idea that I, have read about the last. 24 hours how dare they give a team with a chance to win a championship at 83-79 calm down calm down this is 2020, more playoff games are interesting anyway baseball and sip in October is. Based is better then baseball in August I have no plan with that whatsoever and as far as the scenario. About the advantages the union's not going to scream about tanking because more teams theoretically in late July before the deadline with an opportunity to play in the best of three instead of a one game shootout, would theoretically not give up would go out there and try to win as an. Extra couple playoff spots on the line here you're obviously going to be able to sell this the TV because they want.

Games that mean something you telling me that ESPN on the Tuesday in 2022 and a dead week, for them you're telling me ESPN would not want to, put six games up.

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