Losing teams qualify for the 2020 MLB Postseason?

Losing teams qualify for the 2020 MLB Postseason? major league baseball is going to be going into let's call it a soft bubble the difference there is like a hard bubble what the nhl did and what the nba did, quarantining its players for a certain time then ushering in everybody methodically that's not what mlb is.

Doing but i do think they are approaching this in the safest and smartest way because you've come this far you've just, completed a daunting regular season with multiple teams having incidents and having to follow protocol and makeup games and rescheduling you've come this far and, when the playoffs begin past the wild card round the last thing you can have is a positive coveted test, heck the last thing you can have is even a false, positive covid test which throws everybody into a frenzy certainly you're worried about the health of individuals first let's establish that but in terms, of logistics and working everything else out you know how the dominoes have been falling when when somebody tests positive, even once you can't afford that you need to take every precaution you get to eliminate travel. Right in this format of of having everybody enter four different venues by the way i talked about the.

American league the national league are set to play in arlington at the rangers, new ballpark as well as in houston at the astros ballpark and globe life field in arlington is going to host the 2020 world series but just going back to the big picture. Of this format no longer a wild card game i actually think that's a great move never a fan of the, one and done no matter how many extra teams um it put in a playoff conversation it's not fair you play baseball series all, year long and then to play one game and somebody's bounced instantly and i'm i'm not just saying that after, the oakland a's of 2018 and 2019 i'm saying i've never really enjoyed the, wild card idea well 2014 too no home field advantages that is interesting these neutral sights uh. Bring a whole new wrinkle into the into the the way.

The playoffs are going to go i would also say if there's no fans what does home field advantage really mean besides who bats last anyway you know so you take the fans out of the equation.

Maybe it's less of a home field advantage maybe that's why they're so.

Interested in this neutral site format again as long as you're the higher seeded team you're going to get the more, opportunities to have last hat bats also the playoff, format expanding to 16 teams now which is interesting and maybe it's too much because will you see some teams in the playoffs that have had a losing record in the. Regular season yeah you might and i i still i'm never going to feel good about that and last but. Not least the locations chosen here between two in california two in texas i think it's, probably smart to separate bubbles i like the way the geography works i think they're gonna to be able to schedule these games um adequately.

So you can watch baseball for seven or eight hours straight i gotta say um considering. Everything i like it .

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