MLB 2019 Postseason Highlights

MLB 2019 Postseason Highlights the switch-hitting catcher – right and well hit that ball is out of here a first inning 2-run shot the first two young Lana krandall and this. Is Eric Thames who launches to right-center field and put Brewers well hit to the captain left center field and that ball is gone shattered his bat on the 2-1. In that group understand why drive. Base hit tonight metal spoon Featherstone Tunes a ball gets away from Diaz will the ball well hit to right field laureano bet he looks up and that, one is gone and Garcia hits a rocket out to center field that ball his smoke candle looks up and that one is gone to what Jason.

And Mike and Eduardo were talking about same swing same ball same result a different angle it is very difficult in.

Game to make that adjustment Ramon Laureano with a little flyball Garcia makes the catch Simeon’s going to score, the A’s are on the board Pham with a drive out to center field can on the move, at the track looking up and that one is gone and that’ll do it the Tampa Bay Rays are moving on. To a date with, the Houston Astros and he gets a curveball it’s a bouncer to second base Wong lost the handle a runs going to score everybody say Bader takes his lead Fowler rolls one. To the right side coming home Bader no play it comes and Swanson on the ground off the, chest of Edmund and the throw to second not in, time around his head now another trying to score and Markakis is in his a one Oh Goldschmidt sends one, deep to left that is way back and long gone Oh Goldschmidt young and long take off carpenter in the left. Field Duval coming in on the slicing pop-up it’s down it’s fair here comes Wong let’s row to the plate on a hop, ease 0:02 pitch curveball a shot there down into the corner it goes Fowler is in right behind, him his Edmond he will score and in the second base he says are loaded for, long and a curve ball is hit down the line fair ball that one’s going to get past Freeman down into the corner. And this is going to bring in two more runs cunha drive left-center field he’s going to watch this one two-run bomb for cunha two into the county and Freeman’s center field hit. Now this one’s going to fly Trouty Freeman makes it a one-run game a splashdown one two from Martinez Markakis takes a called. Strike three and the ballgame is over it’s a, one nothing game on the ground and past Kendrick then the right Belanger will score they’re going to wait Taylor the throw and he is out at the place one strike. And here at home a. Field base hit two runs are going to score and it is a four nothing game in. The air to right-center field and well hit keep your eye on it and that ball is caught in the air to right Eaton goes back he’s got no chance at this one looking. To jump Peterson and this ball is driven deep right keep your eye on that off the foul pole home run, she is 5 she’s come back to bankruptcy’s this one one to Nagar e-l and he sits this one into shallow, right lore’l sense this one down the line in right off the fists it looks like but on, a night like this and with this year’s ball it’s out soft liner to, right judge comes in died he takes a swing sends it out toward right field judge goes back and, it’s out of here the rifles intellect the damage time judge on his way to third nobody’s at second so Encarnacion dives in there his second double, of the money row the third Sunoco goes to second for one can.

They turn it back the tower was scored and it’s a line drive base hit here comes, a rise waved around third Stanton fumbles it and left it’s a moot point he, would have scored anyway and it’s off his glove in ricochets back into fair territory two runs score Torres blows up at second with a, double she’s always a candidate it seems fly ball to right judge goes back judge on the track at the wall with a leap and, it’s out of here that is the kind of ball I mean come on it’s a hard and deep to left centerfield back there the bullpen and. That ball is gone and a, swing and a line drive left-field base head in the score is all B’s two outs McCann takes off and Duvall in the air center field that is back. Bader at the wall and she’s gone Adam Duvall, Kawai here it comes had a swing and a Miss he struck him out well hit base hit into left Turner will score and the bases, remain loaded big base hit left-center field Robles has great speed he will score easily and Adam Eaton with his first last weekend of, the regular season and Wren dome launches to left-center field that is, off-the-wall Eaton is around third he will score Rendon a run scoring double as Turner skies 1/2 right that’ll scare the run as. He makes the play swinging and looking and take a look at this one deep to right and long first pitch ecz lines. Into right Zimmerman will score and awaits on Hudson to right field and pretty well hit and that part is going to bounce into the. Stands for a ground rule, double as Seager Waits and strikes out Daniel Hudson got him with the bases loaded and the series is tied 1-1 from Cole. Backhanded by Quran is how the first pitch of the event Redman says this much of deep left field they all fit promo showed up out at second safe at first well, one one bounce to the right side Paris covering ass goes to give the Yankees a first. Inning lead Encarnacion drives sublimating punch randomness October he looks one to center field back goes Keppler, with room he will drive in his first run as judge comes in and it’s, true nothing Torres gets Duffy again one two if it’s fair it’s gone yes and what the deals in the air right-center field. Over to make the play is it Cunha he’s got a great arm to throw to the, plate Ozuna is in there and the Cardinals strike first run at third base and swamps it in the air to left field that ball is hit, well the sunna looks up and that’s down off the wall Hamilton scores the time run it’s a double Martinez deals, and that was driven into centerfield.

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