MLB Playoff Bubble Announced

MLB Playoff Bubble Announced hey what's up fellas how you doing manitonelli here hey what's going on guys how are we doing manny antonelli here so it's official my boy jeff paston announced.

It the bubble is official we haven't talked i mean i haven't been on here in a while talking mlb so um, good to be back and good to uh to see jeff's face um so let's get into it today i know this, got announced yesterday some people not happy about it um see some people. Don't care let me know what you think down below we're going to kind of go over what this bubble is going to look. Like what the post season is going to look like something, that we haven't seen we haven't seen this ever before so let's go over all the details i'll give you my thoughts and then let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

So first thing major league baseball announced it official schedule for the 2020 post season uh it's gonna be highlighted, by the first neutral site playoffs ever which is interesting okay so um not only will the division series, the league championship series and the world series all be played. At neutral sites um but the schedule is is very different when it comes to off days so there's going to be there's going to be a lot of decisions that are going to, go into it we're going to look at ken rosenthal here in a minute kind of, talking about you know what teams in the past have kind of done when they get to.

The playoffs as far as starting pitching goes and. Relief pitching and so um it will be interesting to see how teams are going to use their pitching staff so um the best of three wild card series will begin things and then, we're gonna get a best of five division series then you're gonna get a best of seven league championship series and all three of, those series are gonna take place without any off days in, between games so they're just going to continue to play them, until they're done which is which is much different than than usual um so again teams are going to decide you know do they go with their normal rotation that they've used, during the season do they go to four-man pitching staff which means that a lot of them are going.

To have to throw in short days rest so it would be very very interesting to see what happens now each series once the, series is over there's going to, be an off day there could be more depending on you know when all the other series are complete so that's when you will get an off, day if you win the series you'll get at least one off day before you move on to the next series okay so um the world series, right now it's uh tuesday.

October 20th is when the world series is supposed to start game one and it's gonna be in arlington texas um. And then they're saying game seven is scheduled for wednesday october 28th um so the postseason it's gonna right now it's gonna it's scheduled to um, start with the top four seeds in each league hosting a best of three, wild card series in their regular season home ballpark so the wild card series um those are set to begin in the american league on tuesday september 29th and then the national league will start. One day later wednesday september 30th and then beginning with a division series. All the teams are going to go to neutral sites either in southern cal or in texas and this is a for, a bunch of reasons you know they're saying for health and safety and um some of it travel and we're going to. Talk a little bit in a second also i mean there's air quality issues out west right now going on and. So there's there's still a lot of question marks with with all of, this i know some people are saying why are they going you know to, california some of these states where when it comes to covet right now numbers are still high. So that is also a concern but we'll see what happens so then all games in the al division series will be played in san diego and la and.

The nl division series will be played in.

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