MLB Playoff Schedule 2020 Dates

Major League Baseball Playoffs have five teams of three divisions and there are a total of four rounds to the playoff. The 4th round of the playoffs begins the World Series.

The playoffs start right after the season ends. Last year, the season ended on September 29 and the Playoffs begin on October 1.

There are four rounds to the playoffs. Each and every round is very important, especially the Wild Card. Starting with the 2012 Playoffs, MLB added a single elimination Wild Card game where the winner continues to the playoffs and the loser is eliminated entirely. Here is the full four-round schedule for the playoffs.

  1. Wild Card
  2. Divisional Round
  3. League Championship
  4. World Series (Best of 7)

The schedule for the MLB Playoff 2020 hasn’t been issued by the MLB yet. But we think that the playoff playing dates will be on a similar date as last year’s playoffs. Here are the possible dates for MLB Playoff 2020.

2020 MLB Wild Card

Thursday, Oct. 1

Friday, Oct. 2

MLB American League and National League Divisional Series

Saturday, Oct.3

Sunday, Oct. 4

Monday, Oct. 5

Tuesday, Oct. 6

Wednesday, Oct. 7

Thursday, Oct. 8

Friday, Oct. 9

Saturday, Oct. 10:

MLB American League and National League Championship Series Best of Seven

Sunday, Oct. 11

Monday, Oct. 12

Tuesday, Oct. 13:

Wednesday, Oct. 14

Thursday, Oct. 15

Saturday, Oct. 17

Sunday, Oct. 18

Monday, Oct. 19

2019 MLB World Series (Games 1-2, 6-7)

Sunday, Oct. 25

Monday, Oct. 26:

Tuesday, Oct. 27

Thursday, Oct. 29

Friday, Oct. 30

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