National League Wild Card Standings

National League is the oldest baseball professional league that constitutes MLB with the American League. In fact, it is the oldest professional sports league. The biggest difference between the National League and the American League is that American League has a Designated Hitter while every player in the National League must bat and field for themselves.

Differences between NL and AL

American League was created five years after the establishment of the National League to compete with it. Since then, the American League has come too far. American League teams actually have won more World Series than the National League team but National League teams are catching up over the last years.

Other than the fact that the American League using a Designated Hitter, there isn’t much of a difference between the two leagues. Because American League teams have won more titles, it is looked upon for being more “professional”. However, National League teams are winning more and more World Series over the last years. After all, Washington Nationals won the World Series which is a National League team.

Standings for the National League Wild Card Series can be seen below.

NL WC Standings

TeamWL%Games BehindHomeHome
TeamWL%Games BehindHomeRoad
NY Mets8676.5313.048-3338-43
Chi Cubs8478.5195.051-3033-48
San Francisco7785.47512.035-4642-39
San Diego7092.43219.036-4534-47

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