New MLB Playoff Format Explained || Is it Good for Baseball? ||

New MLB Playoff Format Explained || Is it Good for Baseball? || so last night major league baseball announced they're going to do 16 teams to make the playoffs in the 2020 season now i. Get where they're coming from because it is a shortened season 60 games i guess you want to give everyone a fair advantage let's say a team that's really good like the dodgers or the, yankees kind of struggles in these 60 games they'll still make the playoffs even finishing in second place so i get. It from that perspective overall i wasn't too big of a fan of it and.

Hopefully it does not stick but we'll go over what it is what exactly is going to. Happen here so 16 total teams will make it eight from each league i guess we can call national and american league so.

Basically the top two teams from each division the top two teams in the nles the top two. Teams from the al east and the nl central and so on um they. Will make it and then the 7-8 seed is basically the remaining two best records so there will be two teams that finish in, third place in basically uh two divisions that are gonna make the playoffs which to me why.

Are we rewarding teams that finish in third place in a division i don't know i mean there's been some years where, a third place team puts up a good season like i i think sometimes in the alds like, you know the rays or the red sox would put up a good wrecker or even the yankees i think back to the yankees in 2008 they had a pretty, good record they finished in third place they had like 84 wins or so, but they didn't make the playoffs so there's an instance where maybe okay but you know there's teams are gonna get like. 76 wins 74 wins i know it's not going to be in a. 60 game season but you know what i mean and still make the playoffs so, for me i hope this format doesn't stick because we're just rewarding bad teams and obviously the mlb is going to do this because of money we know that like it's the same reason the nba has 16 teams. To, make the playoffs because of money and the same reason that the nfl expanded to more playoff teams this year because of money and i don't. Think that's the right thing to do like i think the mlb playoffs is good the way it's set up like right now it's basically, set up for five teams from each league to make it we have this great you know play in wild card game which i thought, was a great idea it makes things a lot more exciting my yankees have been. In two of those games and they are very exciting luckily they. Won both of them but still they're very exciting to watch so i like that idea but now we're just making it like more than half the league is, gonna make the playoffs and you know it'll still keep the. Really really bad teams out of there we won't see the tigers probably or like the orioles and the. Mariners and stuff like that but still i just think there's gonna be a bad team that's gonna make it and they're definitely gonna upset a good team because if you run into a good like a really, good pitching staff or a team that has one ace even two aces like i'm trying to think. Of an example like you know let's say a team like the uh the dodgers runs into the mets right a one, verse eight seed right the dodgers are the one seed the mets are the eight, seed but they have jacob de grom i mean.

I know the mets have center guard and maybe marcus strowman out now for a while but let's say they run into jacob degrom. In a good mets bullpen i mean who says that the mets bullpen and the med starter jacob degrom can't beat the daughters because playoff baseball. Is so much different from the regular season like there's a reason i,.

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