Printable MLB Playoff Schedule 2020

MLB Playoff 2020 will kick off on October 1st, right after the season ends. It has been this way for many years. In 2012, MLB has decided that the first two games of the Wild Card which are a part of the playoffs are going to be single elimination games.

In these two games, the winner moves on while the losing team is eliminated. So the importance of these first two games is more important than rest for many clubs in the MLB. We expect the playoffs to take place on the same date as the previous years.

So regardless of the game’s schedule, the dates are likely to remain the same. If you’re a die-hard MLB fan, you can save the schedule for later and take a look at it whenever you want. The below schedule shows the dates and once MLB releases the full schedule for games to be played in 2020’s playoffs, the list will be updated.

Print MLB Playoff Schedule 2020

Upon opening the above link, click on Download Now and from there on, you can print the pdf file directly from your browser without the need for third-party software.

2020 Playoff Schedule List

2020 MLB Wild Card

Thursday, Oct. 1

Friday, Oct. 2

MLB American League and National League Divisional Series

Saturday, Oct.3

Sunday, Oct. 4

Monday, Oct. 5

Tuesday, Oct. 6

Wednesday, Oct. 7

Thursday, Oct. 8

Friday, Oct. 9

Saturday, Oct. 10:

MLB American League and National League Championship Series Best of Seven

Sunday, Oct. 11

Monday, Oct. 12

Tuesday, Oct. 13:

Wednesday, Oct. 14

Thursday, Oct. 15

Saturday, Oct. 17

Sunday, Oct. 18

Monday, Oct. 19

2019 MLB World Series (Games 1-2, 6-7)

Sunday, Oct. 25

Monday, Oct. 26:

Tuesday, Oct. 27

Thursday, Oct. 29

Friday, Oct. 30

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