2020 MLB Playoffs on Radio Schedule

Major League Baseball Playoffs is one of the most anticipated sporting events in the United States. Although it isn’t all that popular worldwide compared to the NFL and NBA, Americans sure do love it.

MLB Playoffs start October 1st of each year and broadcasted all over the states. If you don’t want to miss the games, you can listen to the MLB Radio or ESPN since both operate in all states and can be broadcasted anywhere. We strongly recommend broadcasting MLB Playoffs on ESPN as they have lots of MLB affiliates that broadcast the not only the playoffs but the entire MLB games for each and every club.

To see the stations that will broadcast MLB Playoffs and their frequency, visit ESPN from this link.

Since the ESPN has a contract with MLB that will run through 2021, you’ll want to adjust your radio to ESPN or its affiliates to broadcast the MLB Playoffs.


The radio schedule and the TV schedule is close to each other if not the same. So to know when there is going to be a playoff game, visit our article explaining all the games you’ll want to keep up with during the MLB Playoffs 2020.

MLB Playoffs 2020 TV Schedule

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