The 2020 MLB World Champion Will Be… (2020 Playoff Predictions!!)

The 2020 MLB World Champion Will Be… (2020 Playoff Predictions!!) i'm baby enjoy this great game what's up everybody welcome back to the hum baby baseball channel this is eric and today it's time. To talk about the playoffs in 2020 and my pre-season playoff predictions including the 2020 world series champion these are called predictions not the vegas odds so i know i got. So much hatred in the last couple of videos when i predicted the american league standings and the national league standings but i did get. A lot of great comments i appreciate you guys a lot. Of people saying hey great video appreciate it love the uh the predictions and stuff that gave me you all gave me your predictions and. It was fantastic but i also had, some comments that said things like you know uh you you sorry you don't know what the talking about you obviously never watched baseball in your, life you stupid piece of but i really do appreciate all the great comments in those videos and now i'm going, to get into the world series and the playoff predictions and i'm quite pretty sure i'm going to get just, as much hatred so i'll bring it on let's go and once again i'm shaking things up this is going to be wild so let's get into, it now starting with the american league we'll start with the wild card game in the american league and it's the, yankees versus the astros those are the two wild card teams in my predictions i know most, people have them winning their divisions and they very well might but i got them as wild, card teams and taking on each other in an epic game and a game that's gonna be very close and. It's gonna go to the end and well of course all games go to the end but it's going to, be a fight to the end and the new york yankees i have coming, out on top and i'm sorry about that astros fans and world travelers shout out, to you you're awesome astros are a very good team but i got the new york yankees winning that wild card game and hopefully i'm wrong for y'all astros fans sakes.

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